Friday, September 27, 2019

Intrime Report-E-cigarette Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Intrime Report-E-cigarette - Essay Example Thereafter a conclusion is drawn. This literature survey examines the issues of electronic cigarette. It begins with a definition of electronic cigarette. The similarity between this type of cigarette and the conventional one is also critically examined and reviewed here and the difference brought out clearly. The benefits, if any and the health risks of this cigarette are also looked at in this survey. Furthermore, a brief history, components and legal aspects of this type of cigarette are well examined. Electronic cigarette, also known as a vapor cigarette can be defined as an electrical inhaler which is normally known to vaporize a polyethylene glycol or glycerin, a liquid solution, into a mist known as aerosol. This combination is familiar with the stimulation of tobacco smoking. Electronic cigarette has a similarity with the conventional cigarette in its physical form. The design is actually similar to that of the conventional cigarette (Gilbert Ross, 2012, p.98). Besides, the amount of nicotine that is released is also almost equal to that which is released by the conventional cigarette. The only difference comes in the type of inhalation. While in e-cigarette, the inhalation is electrified, the conventional cigarette is manually inhaled. The origin of e-cigarette can be traced back to 1963 when one Herbart Gilbert patented an idea which resulted to a device that was referred to as a smokeless non tobacco cigarette. This effectively eliminated and replaced the burning of tobacco and paper with heated, flavored and moist air. This device was capable of heating the solution of nicotine and as a result produced steam. This individual was approached by several companies. Unfortunately his device was never commercialized and so by 1967, the idea was thrown into the dustbin of history. In 2000, Hon Lik, a Chines pharmacist, invented the idea of utilizing piezoelectric ultrasound to aid in vaporization of a pressurized liquid jet

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