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Bill Clinton Profile Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Bill Clinton Profile - Research Paper Example During his tenure, the unemployment rate reduced drastically, the country experienced the lowest inflation rate for over thirty years, the criminal rate dropped significantly in United States America, and the was also reduction on the welfare rolls(Michael and Hugh 26). For the period of his eight years presidency, the country experienced the highest ownership of homes in the country’s history. Bill Clinton also proposed the first ever balanced budget to get a budget superfluous. In celebrating the new millennium, Bill Clinton proposed a concrete national plan to cap racial discrimination in the United States. However, in his term in office, Clinton encountered some severe setbacks which affected his reputation. His superb reputation and outrageous economic prosperity was greatly tarnished by his personal characters in White house (Michael and Hugh 26). The impact of Bill Clinton presidency in the world peace making initiative as well as his effort of enhancing global economic progress has motivated me to go for Bill Clinton profile in this profile paper. The paper will unfold Bill Clinton profile from his young ages up to his highest leadership position in his life history Bill Clinton was born as William Jefferson Blythe on 19th august 1946 in Hope, Arkansas. His father died when he was at the age of three years in a severe road accident. At the age of four years, his mother married a second hand car dealer. At this early stage, Clinton portrayed his concern over religion and racial injustice in United States of America. Young Bill Clinton spent most of his times with his grandfather who taught him on the need for equality between the whites and blacks in USA. At his tender age, Bill Clinton also expressed extraordinary grave attitudes towards religion. In his homestead, Bill Clinton was the only person who was attending church services. His concern over racism and religion during his early ages represented Bill Clinton as a gifted person in the societ y. At his teenage age, Bill Clinton assumed the head of the family role. Bill’s step father was an alcoholic and in most cases he turned violent to his mother. Bill was furious of his father’s acts and in one situation he warned him against battering his mother. Clinton even went further in assisting his mother to divorce through requesting his mother’s attorney to report the abuse of his stepfather. In his high school education, Bill Clinton excelled as a saxophone player and as a student. At this time, he also considered to train as a professional musician. It is during his high school age that Bill Clinton met President John Kennedy in white house in 1960s. This encounter enabled Bill Clinton to enter into public service life. As a scholar, Bill portrayed astonishing performance in the course of his scholarly career. He attended Georgetown University and graduated in 1968. In his university life, Clinton attained the position as an assistant to Senator Fulbri ght William. Bill used this position to earn political experience from one of the most respected and senior politician in United States of America. Fulbright also encouraged Bill to apply for Rhodes scholarship. Bill complied with Fulbright advice and applied for the scholarship. As a result of his application, Clinton was elected as the 63 Rhodes scholars in the entire country. Being a Rhodes Scholar, Clinton studied for two years in Oxford University, England. After his study in Oxford Univers

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