Friday, October 18, 2019

Hamlet Assignment#2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Hamlet #2 - Assignment Example For analyzing this theme, enough authorial readings will be incorporated to reach at a decision concerning a true relationship between Hamlet and his mother. The research, which I intend to do also evaluate Hamlet’s relationship with other characters to a certain extent to see whether Hamlet is similar in communicating to everyone or his personality shows a new side when he is with different people. Hamlet’s actions that he takes during the play and how he takes the revenge for his father’s murder will also be evaluated. Hamlet’s anger, his madness and his planning against his stepfather Claudius, all take us to a certain analysis related to Hamlet and his mother’s relationship. Hamlet’s mother marries to his dead husband’s stepbrother soon after her husband’s death and without taking her son into confidence. Hamlet gets ignored in all his mother’s doing. She remains the queen of the state but Hamlet remains the prince of the state. However, after his father’s death, he should be the new king as was the custom of that time and age. With his mother’s marriage, his right of being the king was snatched away from him and his father’s murderer was the new king. Hamlet takes a long time in taking a decision concerning his revenge against his stepfather. This delay takes the play towards a tragic end in which, the queen Gertrude, Ophelia (Hamlet’s beloved), Ophelia’s father, Hamlet himself and the king, all die and the kingdom is given a new king. Hamlet is unable to identify whether his mother is a part of the whole game or not. He is also unable to fully accept the information given by the ghost but with the passage of time, he recognizes that the ghost of his father was right and he has a responsibility to avenge his father’s murder. His relationship is of a restrained type with his mother

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