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Disparities in Healthcare Does Everyone Receive the Same...

Research shows that healthcare is not equal among all demographics and it is evident that throughout time, various groups of people have been taken advantage of by the medical community. In the United States, we believe that health care should not differ by race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or geographic location. When these differences do exist, they are referred to as disparities. We see this when racial and ethnic minorities receive lower quality healthcare than whites, when age is a determinant of quality of care, when level of education or sexual orientation are taken into consideration or when a person is uninsured or must rely on government issued health coverage for care. It is important to understand that differences in†¦show more content†¦She thought since science could keep her mother’s cells alive, they ought to be able to make another Henrietta. Had Mrs. Lacks been white or affluent, her family quite possibly would have been informed of what doctors were doing. They were a simple family and medically and ethically, the medical community took advantage of this fact. Also revolving around HeLa cells were experiments performed on men in prison in the 1960s. They were directly injected with cancer cells to see if they developed cancer, what kind of cancer they developed and if the cancer was curable. Some of the men understood what was being done to them, but others did not. Those who did not know were not told. None of the inmates died as a result of the injected cancer cells. In an aim to abolish unfair and harmful practices, the Institutional Review Board was established to eliminate the inequality of medical experimentation on humans. Since the IRB began regulating biomedical and behavioral research the things that happened in the past are, with hope, not going to occur again. What exists now is an apparent inequality in the level of care some individuals receive. Disparities in health status and health care have been well documented, but solutions for reducing them are less clear. One reason is that the landscape of influences on health disparities is complex. The factors include individual socioeconomic circumstances such as level of education, income, wealth and occupation; physical andShow MoreRelatedSocial Determinants Of Health Care Healthcare Accessibility1375 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Determinants of Health Care—Healthcare Accessibility In this comparative case study, healthcare accessibility in the United Kingdom is researched assiduously in order to get a better understanding of the health inequalities that a myriad of refugees and minorities face on an everyday basis. In addition, it will focus on the notion of a social gradient and its impact in communities that are of the minority. Moreover, the research will discuss the associations between socioeconomic classificationsRead MoreThe Effects Of Culture On Health Care1642 Words   |  7 Pageshealth care disparities. Consequently, it is essential that health care organizations improve its cultural competency. Overall, the increased diversity in the population and the documented health care disparities have made cultural competency essential in order, to ensure that every patient receives quality health care services (Haynes, 2016). The purpose of this paper is to explore the effect of culture on health care. Define the Role of Cultural Awareness in the Management of Health Care CultureRead MoreEssay about Healthcare Coverage: Unequal based on Wealth1967 Words   |  8 Pages In a perfect world all patients would receive the same level of healthcare and they would all be treated equally based on their illness. Although, living in a capitalist society not everything is meant to be equal. Our country was founded by settlers looking to escape from punitive taxation and were looking to be free from all other countries and start a new country. The United States is known as the place for people to chase the American Dream, where you work hard and the fruits of your laborRead MoreA Policy Regarding Women and HIV/AIDS: An Evaluation, Analysis, and Revision1557 Words   |  6 PagesPOLICY IN HEALTH CARE Health care services are one of the basic human rights that ensure that a person and society as a whole lives a healthy life. Health care policy making is necessary for educating and equipping individuals with knowledge and abilities to understand and improve their health standards. Many societies and states are developed as well as responsible enough that they comply with the ethical standards of offering health care to its people. However, the ethical standards are only looselyRead MoreHealthcare for All2461 Words   |  10 PagesHealthcare for all Introduction Access to health care is one of the human rights that is stipulated in the American constitution. It is also a priority as per the provisions of the World Health Organization. Provision of health care is not solely the work of the government. It is also facilitated by other organizations from the private sector such as health insurance providers and other non-governmental organizations ADDIN EN.CITE Reading20101085(Reading)1085108517Reading, Joshua P.Whos ResponsibleRead More Why We Need Universal Healthcare Essay1586 Words   |  7 PagesWhy We Need Universal Healthcare Many would argue that here, in the United States, we have the best healthcare in the world. We benefit from the most up to date medical technologies, medications, and services. People come from every corner of the world to take advantage of our top notch physicians and facilities. But is this reputation warranted, and if so, at what cost? The average annual cost per US resident is $7,681; this comprises 16.2% of our gross domestic product. These costs rank usRead MoreHealth Care And The Healthcare Industry3132 Words   |  13 Pageswithin health care has been a necessity that has permeated and become a large concern within the industry. While quality healthcare has been defined as doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, for the right people and achieving the best possible results, many health care leaders struggle to transform their organizations to accurately fit this definition. This research paper examines different measure health care leaders can and have taken to enhance the quality of care within theRead MorePoor vs. Health Care2279 Words   |  10 PagesSOC320: M7A1 The Poor vs. Health Care It is prudent to keep in mind that the current system leaves million Americans without health insurance. There are many factors contributing to the poor care quality. Healthcare is too expensive already and barriers just contribute to Americans not getting proper medical care. Americans want the best possible healthcare they can get and they are demanding a basic necessity insurance coverage despite their circumstances. Health care insurance needs to be simplifiedRead MoreHealthcare Disparities Essay2200 Words   |  9 PagesDisparities in Healthcare Quality Jacqulin Johnson Kaplan University MT305-Health Care Organization and Delivery Professor Martha Jennings June 8, 2010 It is prudent to keep in mind that the current system leaves million Americans without health insurance. There are many factors contributing to the poor care quality. Healthcare is too expensive already and barriers just contribute to Americans not getting proper medical care. Americans want the best possible healthcare they can get andRead MoreEssay on The Inequality in Health Care Bases on Race and Ethnicity2245 Words   |  9 Pagesgov/minorityhealth/populations/remp.html ). Quality medical care is something that every person no matter what race they are should have access to. Research shows that there are great inequities in medical care due to one’s race. This has been a problem throughout history and it continues to today in the overall quality of medical care that minorities receive. In the past however, in addition to poor medical care, there were extreme examples of abuse of minorities by medical care professionals. People of the minority

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