Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Business Communication at Sainsburys and Cadburys Essay -- Business M

Business Communication at Sainsbury's and Cadburys Communication There are several different types of communication in a business such as Sainsbury's and Cadburys. INTERNAL Telephone ? When the business is a big building or is a group of small way which are close or far away when telling another group of colleges something important e.g. Telling them that their supplies have arrived. It is the main way of communicating around the business. Telephones are appropriate when you need to talk to someone when it is quicker to ring them rather than going all the way over to the person. Face to face communication ? This is when two of more colleges talk to each other face to face. This could be general slacking or telling them useful information. It is the quickest way of communicating. But if the receiver doesn?t write the message down they will forget the message and it may be important to the functioning of the business. Face to face is appropriate when you need to tell someone a message quickly and they are next to you or if they are in the same area as them. Meetings ? Sometimes it is important that everyone meets face to face to discuss business issues. Usually, an assistant writes down what was discussed and agreed. These are called the minutes and everyone gets a copy. One problem of a meeting is that they take time and have to be planned in advance to make sure that everyone can be there. Intranet - The advantages of Ict upon communica...

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