Saturday, November 2, 2019

Improv Show Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Improv Show - Essay Example As for the demographics of the audience, it may be necessary to state there were mainly people in their twenties and thirties. People of all ethnic backgrounds were present, but the audience was mostly white. Everyone seemed to be aware of the modern culture; so, the people were quite young. Speaking of my seat, I would like to not that it was located in close proximity to the action. Of course, I was not able to get the front row, but I was sitting close the aisle; so, I had a better view of the scene. It must be noted that the space of the HUGE theatre is contrary to its name, meaning it is not very big; that is why any person could have said that he or she was sitting close to the action. Just like many people around me I did not dress up. I did understand that I was going to attend a theatre, but neither I nor my companion had a thought of dressing up. I believe that improvisation theatre is the next generation of this art and one of the peculiarities of it lies in the fact that dressing up in not required. Keeping this in mind, one should also spare some words about parking. Most of the people shared cars; so, there were not many vehicles in the parking lot. In addition to that, there were no expensive cars: people of the same socioeconomic class attended the concert so there was not need to show off. So, it may be rather advantageous to mention there was some music before the show. It was ambient and was not very loud. However, it set the distinct spirit of optimist for the audience. People were moving around and the music was playing; so, everyone waited for the show to start. I believe that this affected by experience of the show quite a low since it contributed to the formation of the good mood and I could appreciate the performance that I was about to see. Of course the latter would have been enjoyable without

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