Monday, November 4, 2019

Business communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Business communication - Essay Example Joe recently asked me if he could take his annual two-week vacation in the very near future. I have tried to get Joe to reconsider and possibly postpone this vacation because I know that our department will be extremely busy over the next few weeks. To this, Joe politely turned me down. However, it gets worse. What he then said to me was that he would not be returning after he has taken his annual leave. This is potentially a small problem for our department because it would take us at least two to three weeks to recruit and hire a qualified replacement. Also, I know that it is the company’s policy not to give paid vacations for employees who will not be working for at least three months after a vacation. I think that I have come up with a solution that will satisfy all parties, namely Joe Smith and our company. I have already discussed my opinion with Joe at length and he is willing to go along with what I am proposing. My idea is that Joe splits his annual vacation up into two parts—one week on two separate occasions. The first week would be taken almost immediately. Our department could manage without Joe for a week as long as we all pulled together. Then, after Joe has had a week off, he would return to work for the next three months. Because of this, his first week of vacation would be paid. During our busy period over the next couple of months, Joe would be working as hard as he always has. Once these three months are up, Joe would then take another week’s vacation. However, he would not be returning to work after this second week’s vacation period. The compromise would be that this would also be a paid vacation even though it goes against company policy. T his would be our company’s way of extending a hand in thanks that Joe worked three months longer than he planned to. Joe had originally planned to find another job after his two weeks of vacation—he already has a job lined up. Joe has

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